By working together, I know we can get Indiana back on track. It’s time to focus on the people of District 16 and the issues that matter to all of us – good jobs, better schools and an improved quality of life. I’m ready to get started.


Good Jobs. Rich Ludington has a plan to rebuild our economy with common-sense solutions that help working families and middle-class Hoosiers. He will provide help and additional training for workers, find ways to make small businesses more productive and make sure our tax dollars are helping create and keep jobs right here in Indiana, not in other countries.

Good Schools. A an eleven-year member of the Rensselaer School Board, Rich Ludington will be a fighter for public schools, students and teachers. He understands that we need to provide the resources and opportunities to educate our children and prepare them for the jobs of the future. Rich will work to reverse the destructive policies of the past two years that threaten our education system.


Schools today are funded through property taxes and sales taxes. Property Taxes you pay: Debt Service- Loans.  Capital Projects– Building repairs, some utilities, and computers/technology. Transportation– Bus fuel and drivers.    Bus Replacement– Replace a bus every 13 years. 
Sales Taxes you pay:  General Fund—Everything Else  
Here's how it works: The Legislature decides how much sales tax they will use to fund K-12 Education. Then they subtract the cost of vouchers. $131,514,681.00 this year!  Yes you are now paying for students in private school and those parents get an income tax credit also.   What’s left gets divided between public and charter schools.  Yes you are paying for students in charter schools too. Then through a school funding formula determine what is paid per student per school. 

My opponet voted to:    Increase voucher spending by $65,441,871.00 and cut public school funding to these schools.

​North Judson Schools $ -3,264,095.00         Rensselaer Schools  $ -1,488,431.00

​North Newton Schools $ -1,334,701.00       Knox Community Schools $ -1,300,912.00

​West Central Schools $ -922,557.00

​ When will your local school make the cut list?

I'm asking for your vote to change this!

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